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There are currently 8 terms in this directory beginning with the letter R.
Packing sand in a mold by raising and dropping the sand, pattern, flask on a table. Jolt squeezers, jarring machines, and jolt rammers are machines using this principle.

Rapid Prototyping
The computerized equipment that builds a three-dimensional model of a casting from a CAD drawing.

Heat-resistant material, usually non-metallic, used for furnace linings etc.

Reject rate
Ratio of the number of parts scrapped to the total number of parts manufactured, expressed as a percentage or parts per million.

Recycled sprues, gates, risers, defective castings and machine chips.

Reservoir of molten metal from which casting feeds as it shrinks during solidification.

A process for cleaning castings that involves using a metal abrasive that is propelled by centrifugal action.

The portion of the gate assembly that connects the downgate or sprue with the casting ingate or riser. The term also applies to similar portions of master patterns, pattern dies, patterns, investment molds and finished castings.