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There are currently 10 terms in this directory beginning with the letter P.
Parting Line
A line on a pattern or casting corresponding to the separation between the cope and drag portions of a sand mold.

The wood, metal, foam or plastic replica of the final product to be made. Patterns usually include gating systems.

Pattern Draft
The taper allowed on the vertical faces of a pattern to enable removal of the mold.

Pattern Layout
Full-sized drawing of a pattern showing its arrangement and structure features.

A craftsman engaged in production of foundry patterns and core boxes from wood, plastic, or metals, such as aluminum, cast iron, etc.

Patternmaker’s shrinkage
The shrinkage allowance made on all patterns to compensate for the change in dimensions as the solidified casting cools in the mold from freezing temperature of the metal to room temperature. The pattern is made larger by the amount of shrinkage characteristic of the particular metal in the casting and the amount of resulting contraction to be encountered.

Permanent Mold
A method of manufacturing castings by pouring molten metal into a metal mold.

The property of a mold material to allow passage of mold/core gases during the pouring of molten metal.

Physical properties
Properties of matter such as density, electrical and thermal conductivity, expansion and specific heat. This term should not be used interchangeably with “mechanical properties.”

Porosity Holes
Holes in the casting due to: gases trapped in the mold, the reaction of molten metal with moisture in the molding sand, or the imperfect fusion of chaplets with molten metal.