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Specializing only in Aluminum, Brass & Bronze Alloys

Alloys Cast

Coastal Foundry casts many different blends of Aluminum Alloys and Copper Based Alloys such as Brass and Bronze. For a complete look at all of Coastal Foundry Company’s alloys cast and production procedures, click below for an easy over view with images and videos all relating to the high quality castings Coastal Foundry can produce for you.

Aluminum Alloys Cast

Capabilities: One ounce to 600 lbs

319.1 Aluminum
356.1 Aluminum

356.1 T6 Aluminum (fully heat treated)

A356.2 Aluminum

A356.2 T6 Aluminum (fully heat treated)

535 Aluminum (Almag)

713 Aluminum (Tenzaloy™)

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Copper Based Alloys | Brass and Bronze Alloys Cast

Capabilities: One ounce to 160 lbs *Copper based Alloys*

86300 Mg Bronze
87300 Si Bronze
87800 Si Bronze
92200 Navy M, Leaded Tin Bronze
95500 Al Bronze 9D
95200 Al Bronze 9A
95400 Al Bronze 9C

97400 Ni Silver Copper (Lead Free)

C89833 Brass
C89835 Brass

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