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About Coastal Foundry

Coastal Foundry Company was founded as an aluminum foundry in 1947 in a garage in the back yard of the present premises and began by manufacturing lighting fixtures.

We’ve come a long way since then! Harold Gluckman purchased the foundry in 1978 and over the next 40 years added numerous new machines and equipment to keep up with the increase in production caused by the oil boom at that time. An automatic green sand regeneration system was one of the many items installed.

In 1980, an additional 15,000 square feet of building was added and in 1988, the original old garage and wooden building was replaced with a new 10,000 square foot steel building.. Brass and bronze were added to the range of metals poured and today Coastral Foundry manufactures castings in a number of different aluminum and copper based alloys.

The foundry premises today consists of 2 acres of land with approximately 30,000 square feet of production facilities. The production equipment used is considerable, involving numerous molding machines, shell core machines, automatic sand recirculation systems, compressors, gas fired furnaces, an induction furnace, cut-off machines, grinding machines, a wheelabrating machine, vibratory deburring machine, a sand recycling plant and many other items of machinery used in the casting process.

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Industries Served


This thru hole bronze transducer posed several challenges. It required 0.125” to 0.1875” thin walls and a solid stem requiring M22x1.5 machine threading, with no porosity, which can be hugely challenging to produce. We poured with approved 92200 navy bronze. With our pattern set up and gating as to not interfere with the cosmetics of the casting in finishing, we utilized other proprietary molding methods and adjusted the temperature of the alloy for optimal flow to cast a very high-quality part with no issues.

Oil and Gas

The aluminum impeller required us to come up with a way to pour with A356.2 T6 without the possibility of porosity throughout and hold the strength all the way thru to the impellers vanes; considering that the finished impeller sits inside a housing for a degasser and spins at a high rate of speed requiring fine balanced machining and all vanes worked to high tolerances, solidity and no porosity was a must. Since the vanes extrude out from a solid circle we decided to direct pour the alloy into the mold from a center pad instead of gating with contacts at certain areas of the pattern and adjust the temperature of the alloy poured to optimize the flow all the way from the center to the outer vanes. The outcome was a very high-quality casting that machined great and approved for production.

Customer Testimonials

The piston you made for us cleaned up & looked nice once finished. I wanted to express my appreciation for taking care of us in such a rush. You guys did an excellent job we are trying to get them to take @ least one more on a standard delivery.

– Mark M., SAMCO Enterprises, Inc.

The quality of work has always been great! The turnaround time has always been met or beat by your quoted time frame. The overall service has been excellent and I enjoyed working with you.

– Jeremy C.

The service that we have received from Coastal Foundry has been great.

– Chase D., Titan INC.

I have not inspected 100%, nor have we begun final machining of the castings, but so far what we have inpected appears to be the best quality parts we have received. The castings we received from previous shops have not looked as good as yours. Thank you!

– Steven R.

In regards to the first article inspections, they are good no problems there. Work quality excellent! Turnaround excellent! Great service!

– Pat C.

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