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Specializing only in Aluminum, Brass & Bronze Alloys

Aluminum, Brass & Bronze Alloy Casting Products

Coastal Foundry produces a wide range of Non-Ferrous Metal Castings for the Oil and Gas industry as well as for many commercial and industrial companies in the electrical, water, heat and construction industries.

Examples include:: Valves, rings, collars, stabilizers, shoe guides, baffle plates, hand tools, wrenches, fixtures, housings, brackets, etc. Specialized castings are also manufactured from name plates to solid handles, clutch wheels, hooks, manifolds, end caps, also castings for air flow systems.

Let us take a look at your casting needs and offer our expertise. The gallery on this page shows some samples of our castings from large industrial valves to small fittings.

Let Coastal Foundry Company manufacture products for you!

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