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The treatment of castings with a sealing medium to stop pressure leaks.

An element that is allowed into a metal or alloy. Impurities slightly change the properties of the material in some circumstances and can completely damage it in others.

Nonmetallic materials that become part of a metal matrix usually through reoxidation, refractories, slag, and deoxidization products.

Particles of slag, refractory materials, sand or de-oxidation products trapped in the casting during pouring solidification.

Induction Furnace
An alternating current melting furnace that uses the heat of electrical induction.

A mass of metal cast to a convenient size and shape for remelting or hot working.

Parts formed of a second material placed in the mold before pouring, such as a steel pin that is required to be bonded to an aluminum casting.

Investment casting
A pattern casting process in which a wax or thermoplastic pattern is used. The pattern is invested (surrounded) by a refractory slurry. After the mold is dry, the pattern is melted or burned out of the mold cavity, and molten metal is poured into the resulting cavity.