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AA Number
Aluminum Association alloy designation number.

Terminology when used in No-Bake, to accelerate the hardening of the sand.

Age Hardening
Hardening by aging, usually after rapid cooling or cold working.

A change in properties of metals and alloys which occurs slowly at room temperature and will proceed rapidly at higher temperatures. The change in properties is often, but not always, due to a phase change (precipitation), but never involves a change in chemical composition of the metal or alloy. See also Age Hardening.

A substance having metallic properties, containing two or more chemical elements, at least one of which is metal. The substance usually has qualities different from those of the individual components.

American National Standards Institute

Acceptable Quality Level. A quality level established on a prearranged system of inspection using samples selected at random.

As-cast condition
Casting without subsequent heat treatment.

American National Standards Institute