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There are currently 9 terms in this directory beginning with the letter F.
Facing Sand
Specially prepared molding sand mixture used in the mold adjacent to the pattern to produce a smooth casting surface.

Ferrous Metal
An alloy that has iron as the predominant metal.

Finishing Stock
The amount of stock left on the surface of a casting for machining.

A thin section of metal formed at the mold, core, die joint or parting in a casting. Flash usually forms when the cope and drag do not match completely or when the core and the core print do not match.

A metal frame used for making or holding a sand mold. The upper part is the cope and the bottom half is the drag.

Flask, Snap
A flask that has hinges on one corner and latches opposite that allow the flask to open after the mold is rammed. The same snap flask can then be used for the next mold allowing you to make many molds at a time with just one flask.

Floor Molding
Making sand molds from loose or production patterns of such size that they cannot be satisfactorily handled on a bench or molding machine, the equipment being located on the floor during the entire operation of making the mold.

Foundry returns
Metal (of known composition) in the form of gates, sprues, runners, risers and scrapped castings returned to the furnace for remelting.

Devices for concentrating heat to achieve melting temperatures.