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There are currently 12 terms in this directory beginning with the letter M.
Machining Allowance
Stock added to the part to permit machining of the part to final dimensions.

Machining Drawing
An engineering drawing which depicts the final size and shape of the part for its end use.

Master pattern
A model of the part to be cast with process shrinkage added from which a metal matchplate can be made.

A plate of metal or other materials on which patterns and gating systems, split along the parting line, are mounted back to back to form an integral piece.

Mechanical Properties
Properties of a material that reveal its strength and elastic behavior. *See also Physical Properties

Melt Loss
The loss of metal through melting, degassing and fluxing.

Metal Returns
Metal in the form of sprues, gates, runners, risers and scrapped castings, with known chemical composition that are returned to the furnace for remelting. Sometimes referred to as “revert”.

Metal Yield
The difference between the weight of a finished casting and the total weight of the metal poured.

Denotes an irregularity of the casting surface caused by incomplete filling of the mold due to low pouring temperature, gas back-pressure from inadequate venting of the mod, and inadequate gating.

The cavity that the molten metal is poured in to form the final shape. A mold usually consists of a top and bottom piece made of sand or ceramic material.

Mold cavity
The impression in a mold produced by removal of the pattern. It is filled with molten metal to form the casting.

A type of foundry sand-mixing machine.