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There are currently 22 terms in this directory beginning with the letter C.
Computer Aided Design.

Computer Aided Manufacturing.

Captive Foundry
A foundry operation that is wholly incorporated into a larger manufacturing operation. A captive foundry usually only produces castings for the operation that it is a part of.

A process used to form solid metal shapes out of molten metal. The molten metal is poured into a cavity or a mold.

A small metal insert or spacer used in molds to provide core support during the casting process.

Metal and alloy materials that make up the composition of a melt.

Charpy Impact Test
A pendulum-type single-blow impact test in which the specimen, usually notched, is supported at both ends as a simple beam and broken by a falling pendulum. The energy absorbed in fracture is known as the impact strength or notch toughness.

A metal insert in the sand mold used to produce local chilling and equalize rate of solidification throughout the casting.

Removal of runners, risers, flash, surplus metal and sand from a casting.

CO2 Cores
Molding sand is mixed with sodium silicate and the mold is gassed with CO2 gas to produce a hard mold or core.

Cold shut
A surface imperfection due to unsatisfactory fusion of metal.

Upper or top half of a horizontally parted mold.

Copper Based Alloys
Alloys that contain copper as their principal ingredient, mainly brass and bronze.

A performed sand aggregate inserted in the mold to shape the interior part of a casting which cannot be shaped by the pattern.

Core assembly
An assembly made from a number of cores.

Core wash
A liquid suspension of a refractory material applied to cores and dried (intended to improve surface of casting).

The mold in which the core is manufactured. Usually metal, wood or plastic.

Portions of a pattern that locate and anchor the core in the proper position in the sand.

A ceramic pot or receptacle made of materials such as graphite or silicon carbide, with relatively high thermal conductivity, bonded with clay or carbon, and used in melting metals.

Crucible Furnace
A furnace that melts metals in a refractory crucible. The furnace is typically fueled with coke, oil, gas or electricity.

The displacement of sand at mold joints.

To harden.